43pcs Fishing Lure Set - Mixed Models

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43pcs Assorted Fishing Lures Set - All baits are armed with super sharp treble hooks. Appearance and structure design inspired by real fish, wildly targeting bass trout etc. Lifelike 3D eyes, attractive colors and special vibration BBS inside lures attracting all kinds of fishes. Fits any anglers from beginners to veterans. Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater, offshore fishing, rock fishing, lake, pool, river and more. Stunning colors and patterns to attract fish, deadly on Salmon, Northern Pike, Walleye and other game fish. Whether for your best fishing buddy, your significant other, Fishing lure set is the best present you can think of. Extremely practical, affordable and impressive


  • Package: 43 pcs
  • Easy to tempt the attention of fishes with vivid fish appearance and swimming actions
  • Suitable for various water conditions, includes salt water and fresh water