Crank Bait Wobbler

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The crank bait wobbler has taken deep water cranking to the next level. Designed to dive quickly and efficiently to depths of 14-19 feet with less drag, maximizes your time in the strike zone, while adding a fish-attracting turbulence trail. It’s Deflecting Lip Geometry allows it to quickly rebound off thick brush, trees, rocks or any other type of cover, while maintaining position and trajectory. Its high buoyancy characteristics also allow it to back up and float out of snags. A faint rattle chamber creates a light knocking sound as well that provokes strikes without spooking finicky fish. Sharp VMC nickel hooks and top-of-the-line paint schemes with realistic 3D gill plates, 3D eyes, and 3D scales differentiate the wobbler crankbait from all other deep diving crankbaits on the market.


  • Bright colors to attract big fish
  • Sharp hooks
  • Realistic design