3" Lunker Supply Signature Swim Bait

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  Forget about all the other lures that you've heard about. If your aim is to not only catch the biggest bass in the pond, but also catch as many of them as humanly possible, you have to get ALL the colors of Lunker Supply Swimbait lures.

  The Lunker Supply Swim Bait Lures have been designed following many years of research by a group of friends who eat, drink, and breathe fishing. In essence, it is one of the most realistic swimbait lures ever created. Its lifelike movement, which closely resembles a real fish, easily lures largemouth bass to lunge and bite!

  • 3" in length
  • Sharp High-Quality Hooks
  • 5 Amazing color patterns
  • Realistic Action


    5 Special Designed Colors That Draw Bass's Attention!

    • This Lunker Supply Swimbait 5-in-1 Mega Package comes with four realistically designed swimbaits that will help you catch more largemouth bass. The paint job on the lures is very natural, and their sound will have all the bass scrambling for it!
    • Each color has it's own purpose and is meant to be used depending on the weather condition you are fishing in.
    • Comes equipped with two very sharp treble hooks which will keep your bass hooked during the fight!
    • 6 joint design increases flexibility that enhances action and makes it perfect for catching trophy sized bass.
    • The harder material used produces a "clacking" sound which strikes the curiosity of the bass resulting in more hook-ups!