Minnow Fishing Lure - 4.5g 5cm

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This amazing Minow fishing lure provides a few upgrades that make it even better. First, it’s coated with a special UV treatment that allows it to have an extraordinary under water glow.  Second, it’s finished with a realistic baitfish “skin” that perfectly matches a variety of forage and absolutely fools gamefish.  It swims with the legendary flashing action and it has an aerodynamic design that reduces line-twist and allows you to cast it great distances. It will never break, bend, or corrode, even after exposure to salt water. 



  • Pakckage: 4pcs
  • Extraordinary under water glow
  • With 2 treble hooks, very durable
  • It will never break, bend, or corrode
  • Suitable for different kinds of fishes, wonderful tools for fishing lovers.